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Today is one of those days that glow.  In fact it's been the last few days, where everything is pretty, meaningful/full.  Where I look at my boys shine and grow and I just stare at them non-stop, trying to make it sink deep.  These numbered days, when my boys are little, will most certainly be the days I look back on and yearn for, forgetting all the mundanity, tears, washing and eye-poking-out-relentlessness of them.  All I'll remember is the feeling I have right now.  The glances and glints and giggles.  The chasing Arlo wet and laughing around our beautiful house.  Reading to a snuggly and entranced Louie the kids encyclopedias he loves about bones, stars, the jungle.  Watching Andy walk in from work and start folding washing and tickling kids.  Enjoying dinner outside, in the yard while the boys throw food on the ground and we don't even mind.  Life is long and it's tremendous.  Except when it's not.  But even then.

In the sake of prosperity, things that contribute to this golden period:

*  In a weird overnight kind of way, Louie has started playing with his toys.  Longish imaginary games that keep him happy and busy for 20 mins at a time!  We cannot believe it and it has made a lot of difference to our days, having these breaks from his usual constant need for interaction.

*  The boys are sharing a room which is beyond gorgeous to see.  After a little adjustment period, Arlo is sleeping through mostly…touch wood.  One night of refusing to rock and feed him back to sleep seems to have convinced him to sleep soundly.  Louie still wakes once or twice but is generally ok and much happier sharing a room with his brother.  Both kids up around 5.30-6am.

*  I just read Bob Geldolf's autobiography 'Is That It'.  It moved me greatly.  We need people like him, 'just' a rockstar, seeking no votes, representing no constitution,  not giving a shit if he riles charity agencies/governments/dictators with his demands.   There are passages about Ethiopia and Sudan I hope will stay with me forever, reminding me how privileged I am, how people are living nightmarish lives that I can't fathom.  I am blessed beyond belief.  My children are blessed beyond belief. 

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